Sport, Integrity, Tajikistan and Belarus: Call off Bets on Dictatorships

I wrote this piece for BNE Intellinews along with a further analysis for Emerging Europe to reaffirm my belief that by allowing sports matches to continue in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko is responsible for a public health disaster. Covid-19 has provided the smokescreen for further human rights violations to take place, in states which are alreadyContinue reading “Sport, Integrity, Tajikistan and Belarus: Call off Bets on Dictatorships”

Lukashenko’s Death Match

Here is one of several pieces I published last week on Alexander Lukashenko’s disgraceful stance on COVID19 epidemic for Emerging Europe. Recent news that Covid-19’s mass cancellation of sports fixtures has led gambling companies to offer bets on some of the only soccer matches still being played (in Belarus) is neither a wild-card punt forContinue reading “Lukashenko’s Death Match”